Carol C.

I’m almost 60 years old and had two severe one-inch tears in my shoulder. I could barely lift my arm and the pain was constant. The doctors in the valley prescribed pain killers and said I needed surgery and they only gave me a 50/50 chance at a full recovery. I met Dr. Gabbert and after he reviewed my MRI, he was confident he could help me without survey. He took the time and explained everything step by step. My shoulder was so severely damaged that it took 3 PRP injections, one stem cell treatment and two ozone injections. It’s been 8 months now and my shoulder has recovered by 95% with little to no pain, no surgery and no pain killers. The entire staff is “Amazing”, and I am forever grateful to Dr. G. 


Dr. Gabbert,

I wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and your staff rescuing me from the siege of chronic bronchitis that turned into pneumonia. The 6 Ozone Treatments were successful. For 3 weeks I was sleeping on a reclining chair due not able to breath well. This was complicated by my age being a 103 years old. After 1 Ozone Treatment I was able to go back to bed with my normal sleeping habits. After 6 treatments I have fully recovered.



I recently received a Liquid Allograft injection in my SI joint. After only one week post treatment the reduction in pain is tremendously significant. I’m looking forward to a full recovery. My sincere gratitude to the entire staff at Gabbert Medical.


I thought I blew my knee out at cross fit. Dr. G at Gabbert Medical and Chiropractic helped me with adjustments and Ozone therapy.  I was back in the Gym the following week. They are amazing!


Gabbert Medical helped me stay competitive with my golf buddies, some are half my age!


I have been suffering from low back pain for years.  Dr. Gabbert treated me with adjustments and the doctors there used biological injections and my pain has not returned.


I went through a heartbreaking divorce after 35 years of marriage. This caused a rapid weight loss and a year of stomach pains. I heard about Dr. Gabbert and drove from the valley to Payson. His staff hooked me up to a stem cell IV. Within 24 hours the pain subsided. I continue to drive from Phoenix to Payson whenever I need their care. They truly are miracle workers.


I have suffered from severe sports induced asthma since high school. After only one treatment of the stem cell nebulizer, I have been able to resume sports and hunting with little to no issues. It use to take me hours to days to recover, after the treatment, I was able to go hunting in 2018 with miles of hiking and was able to recover in 5 minutes.


Truly the BEST in the world! Dr Gabbert has gotten movement in my neck that I had not gotten since my car accident 20 years ago! My range of motion improved drastically and my pain levels have gone down exponentially I’m grateful to get my health back here!


Dr Brian and staff very pleasant, they know who you are as soon as you walk in, they great you by name scheduling very flexible. Dr Brian is gentle wont over work ya. Love going. Plan on going back as soon as able. All around excellent atmosphere.


As far as the medical staff at Gabbert Medical, I can’t say enough good things about them. Their level of professionalism and knowledge is second to none! I don’t think I would have gone through this anywhere else. By the way, I live in Peoria, AZ. For me, it is worth the travel to have this level of attention. Thank you Gabbert Medical.


My daughter was having trouble with headaches and clumsiness, her regular doctor said it was just part of growing.  Dr. Gabbert suggested an MRI and found a cyst in her brain.  We were able to have it treated and she is back to her sports and normal self.  Thank you for saving my little girl years of pain and giving her back her life.


I was suffering with low back pain for months that didn’t seem to be getting any better with chiropractic treatments or physical therapy. Dr. G recommended Ozone injections to break up some old scar tissue that I got from a car accident years prior. After 3 treatments of ozone injections and sarapin along with his adjustments, I’m up and outta bed whistling Dixie. Great group, great Doc.


My shoulder was torn and I did not want to risk having surgery.  The gals at Gabbert Medical performed regenerative Stem Cell treatment on my shoulder.  I am 90% better and it has only been 9 weeks. Gabbert and his staff are amazing.


Simply stated, Dr. G saved my life by diagnosing a blood clot in my leg. I was in denial and did not want to listen…He sent me to the ER and they performed surgery that same day. Thanks Doc.


The most caring Dr and staff EVER! They always educate you on the pros and cons of every procedure and never push any unnecessary stuff on you just to make a buck. Dr Gabbert really cares about his patients, which is hard to find these days! I highly recommend Dr Gabbert!


Went in with excruciating pain on crutches caused from sciatic nerve pain. After only a few cost effective treatments I was back on my feet and pain free. The office is extremely clean and the staff there is helpful. Dr. Gabbert’s experience shows and his diagnosis and treatment was spot on. Will definitely recommend to anyone who is need of a chiropractor in the Rim Country.


I have treated with the good folks at Gabbert Chiropractic since they opened. They have helped me with everything from the common cold, allergies, and hormones and most recently with a stem cell injection into my elbow. I was in so much pain with my elbow and could not lift much. Thanks to Gabbert Medical, I will be able to plant my garden this year. My elbow is 90% better.


Dr. G took his time to find the real problem in my low back and knee.  He made sure I understood what was going on and how he was going to fix it. I’ve been able to run again and never felt better!


Dr. Gabbert’s adjustments got rid of my back pain that I had every morning getting out of bed. He is compassionate and gentle.

L. W.



Love the B-12 & fat burning injections. Down 5 lbs in 10 days. Lots of love guys and appreciate all that you do for me.


Dr. Gabbert is a very caring and understanding to your needs. He has a very wonderful soft touch to his treatments. I have seen him for 2 months now and his noticed that my blood pressure was high and recommended that I get a E-K- G and he even called me at home to check on how I did. To me that makes for a Great Doctor. I am well on my to getting back to normal with his help. Thank You Dr. Brian Gabbert.


My husband has visited this location a couple times. This is a very professional establishment and very organized.  I would recommend this team to anyone in Payson needed help with their body. Great business and professional staff.


Very friendly, caring staff. Very nice waiting room, even a special place for kids. Doctor is thorough and listens. Helpful, going above and beyond the general chiropractic practices.


Thank you Dr Gabbert. My sciatic nerve pain is gone after one visit.


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