Bob W.

I was suffering with low back pain for months that didn’t seem to be getting any better with chiropractic treatments or physical therapy. Dr. G recommended Ozone injections to break up some old scar tissue that I got from a car accident years prior. After 3 treatments...

Margaret S.

Dr. Gabbert’s adjustments got rid of my back pain that I had every morning getting out of bed. He is compassionate and gentle.

Joe P.

I have been suffering from low back pain for years.  Dr. Gabbert treated me with adjustments and the doctors there used biological injections and my pain has not returned.

Mitchell G.

My shoulder was torn and I did not want to risk having surgery.  The gals at Gabbert Medical performed regenerative Stem Cell treatment on my shoulder.  I am 90% better and it has only been 9 weeks. Gabbert and his staff are amazing.